The advantages of using video marketing for small companies

Video marketing for small companies has become an essential method of online marketing for these companies.  If your company is starting out or is small and buy cheap priligy usa lacks the sort of exposure that giant corporations attain, video marketing is vital for your business to survive. There are numerous gains if you pick this form of marketing.

The main advantage of video marketing is that it helps to grab web users’ attention. Within the present society, people’s attention spans have become limited as their desire for immediate gratification has risen. Watching videos allows people to take in substantial information at a speedy rate. In addition, it does not use plenty of effort like reading. Due to this, videos have become some of the most popular components of websites. Engaging and well-made videos, particularly, have shown to bring down bounce rates. When you use excellent video marketing as a form of online or social marketing, users will return to your site. This will increase your traffic and heighten your chances of attaining new customers or clients.

video marketing for small companies

The second gain of this form of marketing is that it improves people’s understanding of your site and its services and products. Using videos is invaluable when you use it to show your services and products in action as all users may understand and appreciate them. The mix of visual and audio effects heightens the users’ comprehension along with their interest in your offerings.

The third gain is that this marketing builds connections. To a typical business, few things are as essential as establishing connection with its potential clients. Videos help the business to construct its image to a level that mere texts cannot attain. A business becomes successful if it enables its users to feel a measure of personal identification. This satisfies their emotional need to become part of something.

The fourth gain of this marketing is that it helps to build their SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Having video content within your web site boosts your rankings within search engines. For instance, a video with an appropriate video site map and buy generic zithromax file name, with elements like description, title and keywords, grants the site boosted rankings. This helps the business to capitalize on SEO and reach more potential clients.

The fifth gain of this marketing is that it builds the company’s brand. It is essential for a business to have clients that remember it. The most effective manner of doing this is setting up strong branding techniques. Video marketing ensures this occurs as your slogan and logos have prominent displays when your message plays in an efficient and engaging method.

The final gain is increasing your reach. Potential clients may access your videos on multiple devices. Numerous people use tablets, smartphones, computers and more devices to surf the internet. With the internet becoming speedy these days, it is easy to watch videos on these devices.

On the whole, video marketing for small companies is crucial. Numerous companies need it to survive and to grow.

Contact us today for a consultation! Find more about our Video Marketing services and what else we can do for your business.

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Getting Articles For Your Website – iWriter Tips and Tricks

The days when getting articles for your website meant nothing more than browsing a few web pages related to the category of project you had in mind and price sildenafil 50mg then copying the relevant information onto your website instead of having to create your own or buy an article, are long gone.

Google’s new indexing techniques are now challenging and original content is a must in modern search engine optimization. Due to this reason, you really need to either to know how to create website content that is both captivating and relevant, or know where to buy an article which may be best suited for the website you own and operate.

Since I am continuously on the lookout for new methods of improving traffic through articles for our clients’  websites, I have reviewed and tested quite a few online venues dedicated to providing quality content and professional writing services, such as, and decided to make this one the subject for my current review. is the fastest and probable the most reliable place to get content written for your website. Your project will get instant access to hundreds or thousands of freelance writers around the world and the prices start from a bargain $1.25 per article.

In order to buy an article for your website you have to create an account first (Don’t worry-it’s free!). Than, you have to navigate to Get Content tab and fill the provided online form.
Various filtering options are available and allow searching for the desired content within a wide array of topics, from Alternative Energy to Lifestyle, Pets and Other general subjects.
Project preferences such as type, description and language are pretty straightforward; therefore I will focus instead on sharing several tips to use when working with the website.

Here you can watch a short video tutorial introducing iWriter service by clicking on the image below and after you can read about my personal advices on how to get the best results using this service.

iwriter review

IWriter Tips and tricks

  • Firstly, I want to emphasize on a few details regarding the optimal length of your articles. The online form offers the possibility to choose between 150, 300, 500, 700 and 1000 words per article. Following the latest Panda Google update, I encourage using minimum 700 words for your usual projects and only 500 words for those cases where the topic can be considered rather dull.
    These choices will help you obtain better SEO scores, provided, of course, that the articles will also be search engine optimized…but this is an entirely different story.
  • Submit to – field. I strongly advise working with Elite or Premium writers as much as possible, but also keep Basic writers in mind as an alternative for situations where you may need a lot of articles in a short period of time.
    You are going to minimize your workload posting one request for – let’s say – 5 projects, while still remaining selective as to filter out the lower quality submissions until you find good writers able to properly help you conclude your project(s).
    Reward them good ratings and they will work hard to create high quality content to fit your needs.
  • In the Keywords field, you can insert the desired keywords for one article all on the same line, separated by comma. For multiple articles, you will need to insert each keyword on separate lines according to your choices.
  • The Writing style may vary from article to article and from one person to another, but choosing the adequate style for your article(s) will only help you further refine your options regarding the type of creative work you are looking to get from the writer(s), e.g. Sales pitch tone, Friendly tone, etc.
  • Article purpose should be used to further detail the general topic of your website and what you are looking to achieve. To briefly exemplify, if the topic of your website is martial arts and you need content about nutrition for martial arts practitioners, this field will reinforce your general topic and will help you avoid having to sort through various other articles dealing with different aspects of nutrition –let’s say – mothers’ nutrition after child birth.
  • Finally, I am going to share with you this most useful tip as the grand finale of my review. The Special instructions field can be used in a smart way; Instruct the writer to start the article with a certain word or sign, e.g. &, *, etc. This is going to be of great help to you in rejecting any and all content provided by other writers who wouldn’t have taken the time to properly read all your instructions or who just spam around aimlessly.

If you are in need of an advanced marketing campaign for your website(s) or are in search for original creative solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Visit website and start using it right now!

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WordPress responsive design

A responsive web design uses media queries to figure out what is resolution of your device. Flexible images and fluid grids then size correctly to fit the screen.  The research made over internet users around the world shows that the more and more websites receive more and more visits from mobile devices and less from computers. For example in USA,  according to Nielsen, the majority of mobile subscribers now own smartphones.

Many website owners understood this market reality  and every single day more and more website become “responsive”.

Here are a few benefits of “dynamic design” or “responsive design“:

– You build a website once, and it works seamlessly across thousands of different screens.

– The effort you put in to search engine optimization is pooled on one site, reducing costs and improving the performance of your campaigns.

– Visitors will get a much better experience on your responsive site. So, your sales will increase.

– Since responsive design is not yet widely implemented , there is a strong chance that you your competition is not benefiting from it’s advantages.

Underneath you can see 2 examples of themes that we can implement and modify to fit perfectly your needs.

[iframe src=””]

The Fusion theme

[iframe src=””]

The Origin theme

You can contact us for fair quote or you can visit our partner website and choose the right theme for you.


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Improve Your Online Videos With Popcorn Maker Project

As a website owner, you have a duty of ensuring that your audiences are fully satisfied with what you give them. However, this can be quite challenging especially if you are a beginner. Anyhow, you ought to understand that running a website is not easy. It requires a lot of expertise and attention to detail. It is for this reason that you need to understand how to create website content that is captivating and relevant.

With Mozilla’s Popcorn maker project, you will be able to remix and edit videos on your website. This project is the latest product from Mozilla-the world’s leading internet browser.
Popcorn maker project is designed to help website owners and developers to edit and enhance videos on their websites. It gives them the ability to mix the website into their video with vibrant interaction and information. Remember, for you to make enough profits from your online store, you have to make your products or services known to the greatest number of prospective customers. This means that you need to promote your investment using effective marketing methods. This should not give you trouble since there are numerous ways to market a business online.
One of these ideas is to use professional videos.
The good thing is that you can now come up with captivating and relevant videos for your marketing needs using the Popcorn maker project from Mozilla.

Video marketing has proved to be quite effective in helping businesses advertise their products and services.

[responsive_youtube norel]
For many years, web developers have been experiencing real trouble when creating videos for their websites. But with the inception of Popcorn maker project, preparing videos for marketing purposes has become easy and fast. You can now edit all your videos right on your website. This is important since you need to make your marketing messages more captivating to your target customers. Every visitor on your website wants videos that can help them understand your brands better.

So you have to use high quality and relevant videos. This can easily be achieved through the use of Popcorn maker project.

Another great benefit of using Popcorn maker project is that footnotes can easily be connected to external pages. This is a great feature especially for YouTube subscribers. Furthermore, this tool works much like an image enhancer. So if you want to include more images in your videos without removing it from your website, Popcorn maker project is the best choice. Popcorn maker project comes with numerous implementations for advertisers. It gives website marketers the liberty to augment and manipulate videos so that they can suit their marketing needs.

This type of business marketing provides a perfect way of communicating with your customers. It helps you to use a simple medium that your customers are familiar with. This concept is more ideal for products and services that require more explanation. Using the Popcorn maker project you will be able to explain to your customers the benefits of using your products in an engaging manner. This project allows you to incorporate a wide range of content in your videos.

Therefore you should use this project to make your videos more interesting.

For quality video implementation strategies we advise you to request us a free quote today.

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Video Marketing For Doctors

If your website has recently disappeared from the top ranks of relevant and popular search results on leading search engines then video marketing for doctors may be the ideal solution for you. Chances are that this recent tragedy may be as a result of you being one of the many victims of the dreaded latest Google updates widely referred to as the Panda or Penguin. Many websites lost visibility and traffic from search engines literally overnight.

Naturally when your website disappears from the top ranks of search engine results finding you becomes extremely difficult and targeted traffic to your website will naturally take a nose dive, business and revenue going with it. How can you possibly get patients and business for your practice when you cannot be found in the first place? One of the many reasons why a doctor going into video marketing makes perfect sense is because videos were not affected by this latest Google slap. In fact videos have always been a very easy way for anybody to end up right at the top of search engine results and reap the resultant huge traffic.

Actually no other medium enables a doctor to so easily talk directly to their potential patients and answer many of the burning questions that may be bothering them. In the process they will be positioning themselves as experts and the knowledgeable medical practitioner to be consulted. This neatly gets you way ahead in the current fierce competition for patients and clients that many doctors are desperately trying to fight off with large hospitals and medical facilities.

In recent times it has become pretty clear that doctors will have to seriously market themselves to survive and maintain profitable practices.

Video Marketing  is the perfect solution for various reasons including the following:

• Videos, and especially medical advice videos, are extremely popular online meaning that whatever useful information you produce using this medium will always be hungrily consumed by your prospects.

• Useful videos get passed on a lot on social networking sites and elsewhere meaning that the chances of your video going viral and earning you tons of traffic are extremely high.

• This is a perfect Public Relations medium that will portray a doctor and their staff in positive light which will always lead to them attracting more patients and clients to the practice.

• This amazing medium saves a lot of precious time for a doctor because they do not have to repeat the same advice to patients over and over again. All they need to do is make a video once and it can be distributed to prospective patients again and again for many years.

What you need to get started

Most medical practitioners believe that it is the most difficult thing to launch their video marketing for doctors campaign. They may even feel overwhelmed by all the work they feel they may need to put in before they can be successful with video. Actually it is all much simpler than you ever imagined because all that needs to be done is to find a good professional video marketing service provider who understand the medical profession. Then you simply need to leave everything to them and concentrate on running your practice. They will do the rest. You do not even need to worry about the costs because the amazing returns you will get from your properly executed video marketing campaign will pay for it all as well as put your medical practice back on a sound financial footing.

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How Effective Social Media Marketing Really Is?

Social Media Marketing is a continuously developing SEO strategy covering everything from Facebook and Twitter to your everyday forums, with an emphasis on the ‘social’ part and especially on how to use the social media environment to connect with and increase your potential client base. The average website visitor is known to choose in many occasions, to contact your business via your social media presence rather than by going straight to your website because, psychologically speaking, they subconsciously need to get a better feel for the people behind the business and also to get to know what other people’s opinions are about you!

Our services are simple and effective and now it is the time to expand your business via social media marketing and via a branding strategy that brings verifiable, quantifiable results. We weave social media marketing into any established online marketing plan with the aim to assist in the establishment of your brand or consolidate an already established one in the top social media websites, which currently represent over 75% of all internet traffic. As a bonus result, this gets businesses also ranked at the top of any major search engines.

Our unique perspective allows us to work together as we leverage social media marketing to build marketing channels within the most popular websites for your business.

If we could get you new customers without having them first searching for and then visiting your website, would it really make a difference for your business?

How about if we would be building brand recognition and trust off your website so your website ranking increases with the main search engines?

We increase the performance of our online marketing by providing your with your own content marketing engine, your own press agency which delivers your marketing message in video, presentations, articles, press releases, photos, podcasts, etc. to thousands of websites. Over time, potential clients simply start becoming increasingly familiar with your brand, which, in turn, builds trust and expands your online clientele.

We will describe the elements that form up our social media marketing and have a look at how they will be used to your advantage in order to develop a target-focused and feasible marketing plan.


How Effective Social Media Marketing Really Is?

Social media marketing and Webige

1. Our People

We have social media consultants, designers and copywriters readily available to assist in delivering your requirements effectively and in due time.

2. Our Services

There is no escaping the fact that social media marketing takes commitment.

Webige can share your commitment and we have a range of options to suit your needs, including:

Social media strategy
Brand design and strategy for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
Twitter marketing and Facebook marketing
Social media integration with your website, blog and other social media profiles
Video production and harnessing the power of YouTube marketing
Blog writing and marketing

3. Our perspective

We have started by approaching and consulting local companies regarding their business and social media marketing needs. Based on their feedback, we have developed a custom set of social media marketing services, and as a result, our clients ROI has increased tremendously as it has opened new business mediums and used them to connect and approach with customers in a more efficient manner.

The exposure produced by a Social Media Marketing campaign is literally global and instant increases in website traffic, sales and client base can be seen within weeks thereafter. A recent study showed that 85% of organizations discovered that social media efforts have generated exposure for their businesses, while more than half noticed that social media generated an increased client base.

Our Social Media Marketing package is our base package of which all other services we offer are built upon. Whilst using the two most common social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, we design, personalize, optimize and provide knowledge on how to use these tools most effectively. We offer singular services for any and all of your Social Media Marketing needs. We provide assistance from consulting tips to account setup and personalization, to strategy development, content management, marketing campaigns, and that’s just for starters.

Contact us today and one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your business’s marketing needs. We look forward to speaking with you!

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Video Marketing Services

Our video marketing services are designed and optimized to provide companies worldwide with Internet video production and promotion packages. Video marketing is the next step in opening means of communication between companies and the world, making their message instantly deliverable at various multiple levels such as imagery, text and spoken words, while stretching to reach a global audience with minimum costs and expenses within the shortest amount of time.

Video clips are a new and very persuasive way to introduce content carrying an emotional impact on the viewer, as well as to simply demonstrate all sorts of instructions, from the most basic to the complex or intricate ones. Videos started obtaining more and more presence in even the simplest search results, thus allowing the promoters to increase their website traffic and soon enough to achieve domination in their own market’s segment search results. Videos can be powerful marketing tools, if utilized correctly. We can create stylish, informative, and memorable videos that profile your company’s products and services, highlight customer testimonials, and much more.

Our video marketing concept adapts and optimizes any video clip based on a targeted keyword/phrase in order to obtain the fastest and most accurate search results. We aim to help developing graphics, images and other media based on digital content provided by the client or we can move on to optimize that which is already produced in terms of video clips so that will be assured to reach the first pages of any and all reputable search engines. We distribute these videos on your behalf, to any social media oriented video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, MySpace, Metacafe and others.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Regardless of the keyword phrase, we aim to get all videos ranked on Google’s first page. If you already have a video, we will work on optimizing it and distributing it for optimum results. Video marketing is an ideal way of getting your message out on the internet since it is surrounded by a sea of benefits such as the appeal to the searchers senses, an easy way of consumption engaging the emotions of the searcher while demonstrating the expertise of the promoter, thus helping affirming the credibility and branding of the content while allowing its easy re-purposing.

Below a great infographic about the benefits of Video Marketing.

Youtube SEO Can Boost Your Traffic

How do our video marketing services work?

We first start by identifying your business’s marketing needs, to allow ourselves to get into a position of knowledge from where we can make unique suggestions of how you can expand and improve your marketing campaigns by using video search to advertise your business online.

Video marketing can’t satisfy every single business and every single business owner’s needs, so there may be other more effective ways to reach your targeted audience. However, our customers satisfaction proves why it is important to employ the services of a knowledgeable, experienced professional video marketing company.

Different businesses have different marketing strategic needs in order to achieve higher states or levels of performance: higher search engine rankings, larger customer databases and of course, greater financial revenues.

Contact us today and one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your business’s marketing needs. We look forward to speaking with you!

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The advantages of a mobile website

The mobile web experience represents the web designers’ new frontier today. Recent statistics show that 70% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone and these figures will only continue increasing in the years to come. Designing websites for the traditional desktop browser alone is no longer considered enough to set a standard in the industry. Nowadays, almost every website can benefit from a mobile version. The standard mobile website should accommodate the smaller screen resolution of mobile web browsers and serve as a simplified version of your regular site. However, in order to “go where no one has gone before”, building custom mobile websites capable of providing a richer mobile browsing experience while retaining the full functionality of the classic website has become a necessity and mobile Internet usage poses a whole new set of challenges to be dealt with by web designers worldwide.

With a large variety of mobile devices available on today’s market, important decisions must be reached, such as which devices the mobile websites should support and what screen resolutions to target. And these are only two of the many questions to be answered in this field. Here are several types of websites which benefit more than others from having a mobile version integrated together with the classic desktop one:

  • Local businesses benefit significantly from having a mobile website, as this gives them another efficient and customer friendly way to communicate.
  • E-Commerce sites can reach customers as easily as possible and make their lives buying your products, as easy as possible.
  • News-driven and blog sites allow easier access to up-to-date information to their audiences, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There are some requirements to consider with a mobile website:

  • Smaller size web pages. Advanced mobile devices have the ability to display any web page in its real desktop view, but this is not the case with the average mobile phone. Hence, for swift operation on any kind of mobile device, it is a must that a mobile site is written in code that makes the overall page small.
  • Faster loading time. Having a smaller sized page certainly makes a mobile site load quicker. While most major carriers are moving to 4G speed, some users are still accessing the internet on slower speeds like EDGE and GPRS.
  • Content adaptability. Not all mobile device browsers behave in the same way and it is very important to make sure your content works on one mobile device without breaking another.
  • Ease of use. It’s not enough to have a mobile site — it should also be attractive and easy to use. This site should be less cluttered and should have all the links to key services in an easy to reach way.

Mobile sites are very often just a scaled-down version of the classic desktop website. These can be designed from that simple one page with the company’s brand and contact information to the full-scale and functionality applications like Facebook, that are designed specifically for mobile devices. However, in almost all instances content is extremely scaled back to suit the delivery method. The question is no longer whether or not a business should have a mobile website. The main challenge is now represented by how the classic business website should be reduced to the scale of the mobile phone screen in order to retain and provide the full experience of the main site with full capabilities such as browsing and purchasing products.

But what about Google? It’s important for you to know that Google has its own separate index for mobile sites (this means that you have to add your site to the mobile index just like you added your conventional site to Google’s traditional site index). So, if you create a mobile version of your website you stand a significantly greater chance of showing up higher in search rankings. We actually wonder if there is still anyone out there thinking that the mobile website will remain merely just a quick way to contact the company?

As mobile devices and tablet computers proliferate, mobile websites are becoming an important feature for companies that maintain an internet presence. While mobile hardware and operating systems continue to improve, these devices are not yet on a level playing field with desktop computers. Lower screen resolution, faster loading time, content adaptability, and ease of use dictate a specific approach to succeeding in a mobile environment. Therefore, some new concepts to be explored in view of integration with mobile sites are relating to how users will interact with the website, how they’ll use search functions and what the company’s goals will be in respect to enriching their mobile experience.

Displayed above are several examples of mobile websites that have taken these challenges head on. They are easy to navigate and elegant, while effectively promoting the company’s brand products and business goals.


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Mobile Friendly Websites


The Internet boom began in earnest around 1995. That was sixteen years ago. Everyone and anyone who had a product or service to sell made a mad rush to claim their piece of online real estate. Life was good back then if you were a web developer. For some businesses, however, that original website that was built in the late 1990s hasn’t changed one iota. The content is old and out of date. The graphics are stale or nonexistent. And worst of all, no one has a clue how many people, if any, visit the site. So if you’ve been looking for a good reason to update that FrontPage website of yours, now is the time.

The approaching mobile tsunami

By the end of 2010, 27% of mobile phones were considered smart phones. That number will be 50% by the end of this year. And the trend towards smart phone use is growing exponentially. This is no longer an emerging market. It’s here. Right now. People are searching for products and services on their mobile phones. Are you ready?

The mobile browser myth

When I ask people if their site is mobile friendly, the usual response I get goes something like this, “Can’t any website be viewed on a smart phone?” The answer is yes they can. But the reality is that a website designed for a wide screen desktop monitor does not translate well on mobile devices. It doesn’t take much to prove this point. Simply load any non-mobile-friendly website into a mobile browser and see how difficult it is to navigate or access content.

Another measuring stick is the bounce rate for mobile devices that access non-mobile-friendly websites. It’s well over 90%. The data indicates that visits from mobile devices are around 10% for most websites. And this number is growing rapidly. So another way of looking at this is that if your site isn’t mobile friendly you’re losing 10% of your visitors.

What does a mobile friendly site look like?

The short answer is that a mobile site is one that re-formats the content based on the size of the screen. A tablet is considered a mobile device. So a mobile only site (a site that only displays properly on a mobile phone) is not exactly a mobile friendly site. The image to the right shows a non-mobile-friendly site. You shouldn’t have to do any sideways scrolling to access content and features on a mobile phone.

There is also a debate as to how much information a mobile site should contain. Some argue that the needs of mobile users are different and that less is better. I disagree with that argument. As a mobile user myself, I want the same content that’s available as if I were using my desktop or laptop computer. I just want the content formatted for the device I’m using. Even tablet computers can benefit from having content formatted for that specific device.

Another advantage to having one site with different formatting capabilities is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining separate sites.

Lead or follow

Business owners who recognize the importance of having a mobile friendly website will have an advantage over their competitors with their circa 1990s websites. Mobile users will find and use the mobile friendly sites. And those sites that are mobile friendly will be able to take advantage of a wide range of mobile marketing opportunities such as text message marketing, QR codes, location based social media, and PPC ads for mobile.

The sad truth is that over 90% of the websites out there are not mobile friendly. This is your chance to get ahead of your competition. Wait and you’ll be left in the dust.

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Enthusiasm – The Key to Creativity and Innovation.

What is enthusiasm?

The word comes from Greek and it means to be possessed by or inspired by a god, to have god within. Words that can be related to what enthusiasm means to us are: ardency, ardor, avidity, boldness, conviction, craze, dash, devotion, eagerness, earnestness, ecstasy, emotion, energy, exhilaration,  feeling, fervor, fever, fieriness, fire, flame, flare, frenzy, fury, gaiety, glow, heat, hilarity, impetuosity, intensity, interest, joy, joyfulness, keenness, life, mania, mirth, nerve, oomph, passion, pep, rapture, red heat, relish, snap, spirit, transport, vehemence, verve, vim, vivacity, warmth, zeal, zealousness, zest, elan.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”, so we decided to put our enthusiasm to work.

See our portfolio.

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