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Do you want your website in the top of search engines results? Do you want to know exactly what to do to get there? Our SEO report does this for you.

Getting your website on Google’s page 1 is becoming harder and viagra libido harder. Google constantly changes its search algorithms. That is why different SEO experts will come up with different strategies.

don't for SEO Too little optimization and you never rank.
don't for SEO Too much optimization and you are condemned to the depths of the rankings
don't for SEO Too few back links and you never rank.
don't for SEO The wrong back links and you are penalized.


And the list goes on and the changes continue……..

What we offer is a brand new SEO analysis report that simply does work.

Included in SEO report It doesn’t care what keyword density the “experts” say you need.
Included in SEO report It doesn’t care how many back-links you are told you should have.
Included in SEO report It doesn’t care if search engines changes their algorithm every day.
Included in SEO report It will always give out THE CORRECT ADVICE on what you need to do to rank on Google’s page 1.

Google focuses on many different aspects of websites to assess their quality and position in the search rankings and that focus changes all the time.

The only one solid common factor that defines a successful website is that it sits ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE.

If a website is on Google’s first page then it is there because it is doing all the things that Google wants it to do (and more importantly – NONE OF THINGS that got other sites penalized or bounced out of the search results).

It’s obvious really. More than obvious. It’s the only way to know for sure what will rank your site.

View our SEO Analyzer Report  presentation movie!

[responsive_youtube norel]

So we analyze the top ten competitors websites to tell you EXACTLY what is to be done to get your website there.

Google may change everything, what it does and how it ranks websites, but analyzing Google TOP TEN will always define exactly what is needed.

Our tools pull data about the sites from all over the web. By analyzing and cheap uk cialis online comparing  your website  with the top ten results, by checking many different factors and comparing them our generated report will tell you exactly what you need to do, on your site, to make it rank on Page 1.

Our tools check between 37 and 100 different ranking measures (depending on keyword) on every single top ten site and compares them to the same measures on your site.

Measures included in the SEO report:

included in SEO reportOn-page factors like keyword analysis, structure and readability.

included in SEO reportOff Page factors like number and quality of back-links both to your page and the whole domain.

included in SEO reportSocial Factors like Facebook, Digg, Google+1, Stumbleupon and more.

included in SEO reportJust about everything there is to measure on a web site

This SEO report also gives you written instructions on what you need to do to get on the first page.

Below you can see some example report pages.

Keyword in image filaname explanation - SEO professional report

Readability SEO professional reportExplain how to check your Keyword in header tags - SEO professional reportSocial Networking SEO professional report





Also we attached a full generated report for a customer, in order to make yourself an idea of what are going to get. SEO professional report DEMO

Each page also includes textual advice. You can see from this example that the first placed result has substantially more social network activity than it’s competitors.

So all you have to do is order now our SEO report.

You have to complete the form below with the desired Keyword, your website URL, your preferred search engine and buy cheap priligy australia a short description of your website. The price of the report is 20$ for one keyword and a discount will be applied for multiple keywords.

SEO report request form

  • You can choose only 1 keyword for 1 report. If you have more than 3 keywords we recommend to contact us first.
    You can only choose 1 at the time.
  • Please specify your country (the country you wish to rank for).
  • You will get a 3$ Discount for 2 keywords or a 7$ Discount for 3 keywords.


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