Getting Articles For Your Website – iWriter Tips and usa cheap viagra online Tricks

The days when getting articles for your website meant nothing more than browsing a few web pages related to the category of project you had in mind and then copying the relevant information onto your website instead of having to create your own or buy an article, are long gone.

Google’s new indexing techniques are now challenging and original content is a must in modern search engine optimization. Due to this reason, you really need to either to know how to create website content that is both captivating and relevant, or know where to buy an article which may be best suited for the website you own and operate.

Since I am continuously on the lookout for new methods of improving traffic through articles for our clients’  websites, I have reviewed and tested quite a few online venues dedicated to providing quality content and professional writing services, such as, and decided to make this one the subject for my current review. is the fastest and where to buy cheap cialis probable the most reliable place to get content written for your website. Your project will get instant access to hundreds or thousands of freelance writers around the world and the prices start from a bargain $1.25 per article.

In order to buy an article for your website you have to create an account first (Don’t worry-it’s free!). Than, you have to navigate to Get Content tab and fill the provided online form.
Various filtering options are available and allow searching for the desired content within a wide array of topics, from Alternative Energy to Lifestyle, Pets and Other general subjects.
Project preferences such as type, description and language are pretty straightforward; therefore I will focus instead on sharing several tips to use when working with the website.

Here you can watch a short video tutorial introducing iWriter service by clicking on the image below and after you can read about my personal advices on how to get the best results using this service.

iwriter review

IWriter Tips and tricks

  • Firstly, I want to emphasize on a few details regarding the optimal length of your articles. The online form offers the possibility to choose between 150, 300, 500, 700 and 1000 words per article. Following the latest Panda Google update, I encourage using minimum 700 words for your usual projects and canada pills online levitra only 500 words for those cases where the topic can be considered rather dull.
    These choices will help you obtain better SEO scores, provided, of course, that the articles will also be search engine optimized…but this is an entirely different story.
  • Submit to – field. I strongly advise working with Elite or Premium writers as much as possible, but also keep Basic writers in mind as an alternative for situations where you may need a lot of articles in a short period of time.
    You are going to minimize your workload posting one request for – let’s say – 5 projects, while still remaining selective as to filter out the lower quality submissions until you find good writers able to properly help you conclude your project(s).
    Reward them good ratings and they will work hard to create high quality content to fit your needs.
  • In the Keywords field, you can insert the desired keywords for one article all on the same line, separated by comma. For multiple articles, you will need to insert each keyword on separate lines according to your choices.
  • The Writing style may vary from article to article and from one person to another, but choosing the adequate style for your article(s) will only help you further refine your options regarding the type of creative work you are looking to get from the writer(s), e.g. Sales pitch tone, Friendly tone, etc.
  • Article purpose should be used to further detail the general topic of your website and what you are looking to achieve. To briefly exemplify, if the topic of your website is martial arts and you need content about nutrition for martial arts practitioners, this field will reinforce your general topic and will help you avoid having to sort through various other articles dealing with different aspects of nutrition –let’s say – mothers’ nutrition after child birth.
  • Finally, I am going to share with you this most useful tip as the grand finale of my review. The Special instructions field can be used in a smart way; Instruct the writer to start the article with a certain word or sign, e.g. &, *, etc. This is going to be of great help to you in rejecting any and all content provided by other writers who wouldn’t have taken the time to properly read all your instructions or who just spam around aimlessly.

If you are in need of an advanced marketing campaign for your website(s) or are in search for original creative solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Visit website and start using it right now!

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