Our hosting recommendation – iPage review

We offer our clients different packages, including free hosting for some projects. We use iPage services for hosting for us and propecia order for our clients.


We want to provide our customers and other readers in general with a preview of iPage hosting services.  This is iPage review and our conclusions:
IPage not only offer affordable web hosting, but they provide all the extras that help a small or medium business owner to take a website to the usa viagra online drugs next level(free advertising credits, search optimization tools, a free website builder, security applications, etc.). But how do they stack up in our overall detailed review? Read on to learn more.



Disclosure: We are a team of professionals and this is a professional review for the hosting services offered by Ipage. Our website will receive compensation from iPage. We tested the hosting services offered by Ipage ourselves for a long period of time already. We consider that their services are the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.


Reliability (4/5)


Ipage started their business in 1998. Their pooled server configuration (consisting of top-rated Dell computers) allows any server on the speedy network to access web files. That means even if a single server or two crash, your website is still available from other servers when a request comes in. iPage uses load balancers to customize each server to a specific function, making their system faster and more reliable.

Despite all this reliable world-class technology, what is noticeably missing from iPage is an up-time guarantee for their clients.

Price (5/5)


iPage has developed a single hosting plan to meet the needs of almost any small to medium sized business website. What does this plan cost? Only $3.50 per month. A true bargain considering that the plan comes with unlimited amounts of disk space, monthly bandwidth, hosted domains, MySQL databases, and email accounts. The plan also supports the popular scripting languages and easy plugins for blogs, photo galleries, and forums. iPage provides multi-media support for audio, video, Flash, Macromedia, and MIDI so your website can shine and generic viagra quality sparkle with all the bells and whistles.

iPage gives plenty of extras as well, such as a free website builder using drag and drop or build from templates. There is a choice of free eCommerce shopping carts, as well as over $125 worth of credits for advertising and promotion on search engines, social media sites, and online listings.

Drag & Drop Site Builder by iPage

A highly competitive point is that iPage offers an anytime money back guarantee. No matter if its 30 days, or 230 days, you can still get the balance of your money back if you are not completely satisfied.

Control Panel (4/5)


The account management feature iPage provides its clients is basic. Clients simply log in through a specific URL and can access and manage all account features through a simple control panel design. It allow users to create and manage email accounts, manage databases, upload and delete web files, configure security options, and view visitor stats.

Customer Support (5/5)


Even inexperienced online merchants understand and i want to buy viagra appreciate quality customer service when attempting to troubleshoot a technical issue. In today’s market, time equals money; therefore, it’s vital for hosts to keep server downtime at a sheer minimum. Winning the Best Support award in June 2010, iPage certainly doesn’t slack when it comes to delivering optimal customer service.

The host offers access to step-by-step tutorials, fully-functional online help center and ticketing system, and an anytime money back guarantee for customers not completely satisfied with the host’s services. Customers have 24/7 access to phone, chat and e-mail support, with an average wait time to speak to a representative on the phone in less than 2 minutes.

Overall (4.5/5)  ★★★★½

iPage gets our #1 ranking. Their support is outstanding, the technology is efficient and fast (though we would like to see an up-time guarantee for their clients), and the price is unmatchable for the amount of features included. If you choose to use iPage you certainly won’t go wrong.


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Mobile Friendly Websites


The Internet boom began in earnest around 1995. That was sixteen years ago. Everyone and anyone who had a product or service to sell made a mad rush to claim their piece of online real estate. Life was good back then if you were a web developer. For some businesses, however, that original website that was built in the late 1990s hasn’t changed one iota. The content is old and out of date. The graphics are stale or nonexistent. And worst of all, no one has a clue how many people, if any, visit the site. So if you’ve been looking for a good reason to update that FrontPage website of yours, now is the time.

The approaching mobile tsunami

By the end of 2010, 27% of mobile phones were considered smart phones. That number will be 50% by the end of this year. And the trend towards smart phone use is growing exponentially. This is no longer an emerging market. It’s here. Right now. People are searching for products and services on their mobile phones. Are you ready?

The mobile browser myth

When I ask people if their site is mobile friendly, the usual response I get goes something like this, “Can’t any website be viewed on a smart phone?” The answer is yes they can. But the reality is that a website designed for a wide screen desktop monitor does not translate well on mobile devices. It doesn’t take much to prove this point. Simply load any non-mobile-friendly website into a mobile browser and viagra cheap buy see how difficult it is to navigate or access content.

Another measuring stick is the bounce rate for mobile devices that access non-mobile-friendly websites. It’s well over 90%. The data indicates that visits from mobile devices are around 10% for most websites. And this number is growing rapidly. So another way of looking at this is that if your site isn’t mobile friendly you’re losing 10% of your visitors.

What does a mobile friendly site look like?

The short answer is that a mobile site is one that re-formats the content based on the size of the screen. A tablet is considered a mobile device. So a mobile only site (a site that only displays properly on a mobile phone) is not exactly a mobile friendly site. The image to the right shows a non-mobile-friendly site. You shouldn’t have to do any sideways scrolling to access content and features on a mobile phone.

There is also a debate as to how much information a mobile site should contain. Some argue that the needs of mobile users are different and that less is better. I disagree with that argument. As a mobile user myself, I want the same content that’s available as if I were using my desktop or laptop computer. I just want the content formatted for the device I’m using. Even tablet computers can benefit from having content formatted for that specific device.

Another advantage to having one site with different formatting capabilities is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining separate sites.

Lead or follow

Business owners who recognize the importance of having a mobile friendly website will have an advantage over their competitors with their circa 1990s websites. Mobile users will find and use the mobile friendly sites. And those sites that are mobile friendly will be able to take advantage of a wide range of mobile marketing opportunities such as text message marketing, QR codes, location based social media, and PPC ads for mobile.

The sad truth is that over 90% of the websites out there are not mobile friendly. This is your chance to get ahead of your competition. Wait and you’ll be left in the dust.

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